playPAL around: mini duplicate books

You know those little books that photographers keep telling us their clients can’t live without?  The ones that cause them to stay with an album company they really don’t like and doesn’t have the service, options or products that Finao has?

No more excuses!  Finao is introducing playPAL: smaller, duplicate albums for your wedding/portrait clients that play perfectly well with our ONE and artONE albums.  These books come in two size buckets: Itty Bitty and Little.  They are companions (exact duplicates of the main album) and are sold in minimums of 3 or 6 depending on the size. (Not to be confused with its big brother the playBOOK, which is a separate product.)

Finao playPAL photo books in hand made paper covers.
Finao playPAL photo books in hand made paper covers.
Photo covers and non-traditional sizes are also available with playPAL at no additional cost.
Finao PlayPAL and small playBOOK packaging bag with heart charm.
Finao PlayPALs and small playBOOKs are packaged in a bag with a heart charm.

PlayPALs are one price regardless of how many sides, pages or spreads.  Should I repeat that?  ONE PRICE* REGARDLESS OF THE NUMBER OF PAGES! Yeah!! (*Link takes you to flush mount ONE pricing where playPAL pricing is near the bottom of page)

Six ITTY BITTY playPALs – try this:  One for the bride and one for each Mother to carry in their purses (playPALs come in cloth bags so they are very easy to carry around), one for your sales table so you have an example of every wedding you photograph, and that leaves two that can be used for  advertising.  Give a playPAL to a venue, a florist, a wedding planner, a cake baker, even a bridal salon.  If you give away two for every wedding, that will be a nice collection and a lot of referrals.

Three LITTLE playPALs – try this:  I’d try not to use these as parent albums.  playBOOKs are much better suited for the task and have a higher perceived value.  But even Little books can be gifts after purchase, grandparent books (with the purchase of parent albums), venue books (love me those vendor books) and photographer keepsakes.  When someone asks if you have ever worked at the botanical garden – “sure, here’s an example of a wedding I shot there”.

You can sell the playPALS to the bride or offer them as an incentive to book, purchase a bigger package, get an album or purchase parent books.  Whatever, doesn’t matter.  It does matter that they have value, so put a price on them and put the price on your price sheet – make it high so when you give it as a reward it makes for a real reward.

playPALS offer 10 handmade paper covers from our special “playGROUND” collection or a custom photo cover (sizing templates available on website). Light weight and portable, they are perfect pursePALs.  So, come on, get your play on and kiss all your excuses goodbye!  Finao offers it all!

Finao Playground collection of swatches
Finao Playground collection of handmade papers are exclusively available with playPALs.