playBOOKING around

The newest addition to Finao is in the starting line-up for sure! The playBOOK is what I have been looking for since we started this company. Right about that time the word on the street was press-book; Press-book this, press-book that. Everybody has a press book and therefore everybody must want one, right? Even Finao jumped on the bandwagon with the Rave, which has been a success and offered a more upscale version of the industry standard press-book with the many delicious cover options.

But I never liked press-books and never really liked Rave. It was difficult to show as it was so thin; it hardly looked like there was anything on the inside. We think we offer the best printing around, but it didn’t compare with true photographic prints. You want to get top dollar for what you offer your clients and that can’t be done unless the product looks and feels like it’s worth top dollar. I’m tough to please, so to please me it better be GREAT.

I knew what I wanted. It took me a while to find the solution, but we now have it in playBOOK. Follow me guys: Never accept less when you know what you want. I knew exactly what I wanted and I knew how it had to be priced: True photographic prints, the same exact quality you get in a Finao ONE, panoramic spreads with no seam in the middle and skinny pages that are elegantly thin, but never cheap looking. Finish it off with the entire non-leather collection of Finao materials and package it right for the client.  That right there is a pretty good start.

So what if you got all that and I told you the price was less than a press book?

It’s true!  playBOOK offers it all at a price you simply can’t resist. Log in to check it out!

Now, start thinking about how you can put some play in your client offerings:

  • Glamour/Boudior – try Lip Lock, Lady Danger, Black Pearl, Gothika, Sapphire, hot colors for hot ladies all in fabulous silk (why settle for less).
  • Kids, Babies,Newborn – try Glitter Barbi, True Blue, Tickled Pink, Envy, Whiteout – soft, mellow materials for your youngest clients.
  • Seniors – Be hip, be HOT with Purple Haze, Tangerine Dream, Faded Jeans, Candyland and Chocoholic – trend setting looks for teens.
  • Parent Albums – never, ever let your clients’ parents walk away empty-handed. They deserve better and they deserve albums. Affordable, beautiful, upscale playBOOK is what they need (unless, of course, they are getting a ONE).

Game on……playBOOK. A winner. Period.

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