In Stock & Ready to Rock!

Finao Elements & Seldex Gallery albums have an IN-STOCK ordering option for super fast delivery in case you ever find yourself in a time crunch. Same-day shipment* and express delivery options will make you the hero in any pinch situation!

*Most orders. Same-day shipment is our goal if your order is placed before noon EST. Give CS a call if it’s down to the wire and we’ll see what we can do about chasing down that delivery truck! Customer Service is available 10a-6p EST at 888-346-2687, that’s (888) FINAO-US.

We’ve all been there: faced with a seemingly impossible deadline. Whether it’s a customer who wants something totally last minute, or you totally dropped the ball and forgot (yes, it happens to the best of us!), there’s no need to worry because Finao’s got your back!  Self mount Finao Elements & matted Seldex Gallery albums are perfect for a last minute guest books or quick delivery portrait albums.

The sorting capabilities on the in-stock interface are awesome! Feel free to log-in and browse the selection at any time, 24-7!  Here’s a quick tour of the Elements In-Stock Page to get you started:

1. Go to and select “Elements” > “In Stock“.

You’re able to search or browse in multiple ways.  You can browse everything by scrolling down through all the photos to look for a color that tickles your fancy, or you can use the more powerful sorting tools at the top of the page. Click “more” at the bottom right of the “Sort Options” box to expand this section.




Now we’re looking at the expanded sort options.  We can sort by size, orientation, cover material group, specific material color, capacity (leaf count**), page color, page style (e.g., guestbook pages) and cover design.

**Number of leaves in the book refers to the number of base-page inserts in the book.  For a normal Elements album that would hold one print on each page-side, a book with 5 leaves would hold 10 prints.  A guest book style Elements with 5 leaves would hold 5 prints and have 5 blank page-sides for signatures.  On a Seldex Gallery album, each leaf holds 2 mats.

We’re going to sort by the material color on this example because our example customer really has a thing for wine.  We’re going to go with “Brandywine” which is a faux ostrich material in a burgundy shade and it looks like there are 12 albums in this material in stock.




Now we’ve narrowed the field a bit.  There are 12 books available in this color, but they’re still all over the place as far as size and style.  We want an Elements book that has the guestbook style pages, so the left page-sides are blank paperboard for signatures and the right page-sides have adhesive on them so we can mount our prints.




Now we want to find a guest book style Elements in this Brandywine cover that will hold 5 prints and 5 signature pages so we’re going to choose 5 leaves.




This still leaves 7 options! Let’s choose one that has a cover opening so that we can mount a 4×4 cover image and make it extra special for our client.




Whew! There’s only 2 of those, so now we just need to decide if we like the look of 8×8 or 8×10 better for this set of images.




And if you decide that none of that is good for you, hit the reset button and head a different direction!  Now go!  Make you’re own adventure and see where it takes you!

***Please note that custom orders of these items are ALWAYS available by ordering through their normal order forms.  Custom Elements orders typically run just a few days and Seldex Gallery albums, since they come all the way from Australia, typically make it to the US within 1-2 weeks when custom ordered.