"@FinaoAlbums you guys rock! "
- @La_Photographie
"I have to say that I am LOVING you guys more and more every day. I placed my first order for a sample album to try you guys out. The communication has been so wonderful. I got an email from the "Image Police" today and got scared for a moment because I am a boudoir photographer. I thought maybe I was being told that you couldn't print my album because of the nature of my work (as other companies have done). Well - NOPE! Not at all. I even got the following response: "We aren't one of those companies who censor and refuse to print anything even slightly risqué, so keep t"
- Dawn V Gilmore
"Lynsey is a legend! I could just stop there, but I won't. This outstanding customer service representative of your company has moved mountains overnight. We are impressed, extremely grateful and intend to share with the masses the exceptional service we receive from Finao. Thank you."
- Mike & Kylie Pilsworth: PixelMagix.com.au
"I love calling @FinaoAlbums with a question because Crystal always remembers me. :) #feelingimportant"
- ‏@adriennejscott
"Another gorgeous album from you guys! xoxoxo"
- Jessica McDougall
"I love our album company, Finao Online, LLC. They are gorgeous with dozens of cover options to choose from. "
- Debra Kapustin
"nothing quite like coming home to a front porch full of new wedding albums. thanks for the fast turnaround, @FinaoAlbums; they're gorgeous!"
- @lilacornphoto
"Huge, HUGE shout outs to Karen and the crew in customer service . . . I am officially nominating them for the Sainthood Award in Patience 2012 . . . YOU GUYS ROCK! ♥, Your P.I.T.A."
- Ihnenfeld Photography
"You guys are proving to be pretty nutty incredible :)"
- Nikki Harrison: Photo Dreamz Photography Studio
"In love with my new sample!!!"
- Scott Villalobos