"Fiano not only produces one of a kind products but your service is amazing. I submitted a few albums with in a couple of days of each other and I got them back in record time. We really appreciated it. When [the bride] got it back she loved it so much that on her Facebook page she posted how amazing the album was, which it was. Thank you again and I don't think we will ever have to you the "you suck comment" in our subject line."
- Miranda: Warren Conerly Photography
"I use @FinaoAlbums even though I am Canadian. Amazing quality and customer service"
- @cameronphotos
"@FinaoAlbums you guys rock! "
- @La_Photographie
"So good to finally meet you guys at Mystic! Thank you for being the best album company ever!"
- Daniel Moyer
"Yet another gorgeous album, thanks again!!"
- Brandi Coldwell
"Thanks to Finao Albums for delivering another home run just in time for the Holidays!!"
- Aubrey Hord Photography
"I have to say that I am LOVING you guys more and more every day. I placed my first order for a sample album to try you guys out. The communication has been so wonderful. I got an email from the "Image Police" today and got scared for a moment because I am a boudoir photographer. I thought maybe I was being told that you couldn't print my album because of the nature of my work (as other companies have done). Well - NOPE! Not at all. I even got the following response: "We aren't one of those companies who censor and refuse to print anything even slightly risqué, so keep t"
- Dawn V Gilmore
"One of our clients was floored when they received this insane @jurickphotog album yesterday! @FinaoAlbums RULES! pic.twitter.com/aOwspMJGsN"
- @JurickPhotog
"Everyone who works at Finao should be given a superhero cape. You all have album creating powers that are out of this world ;)"
- Sarah Chatham: New Beginnings Photography