"Customer service at this high level is unheard of, and we are so very grateful for your commitment to exceed our expectations."
- Tammy Lyle: lylephotos.com
"My clients and I are LOVING our Finao Playbooks! One client said, "This is the perfect size book. I take it everywhere and show it to anyone that will sit still long enough!" It was great seeing you ladies at WPPI! Hugs to the Finao Police who's assistance and humor have been greatly appreciated!!!"
- Sarah Morgan-Photographic Artist
"My heart starts racing every time I see a @FinaoAlbums package at my door! #ilovemyvendors #photoalbum pic.twitter.com/4rUn6ROqbI"
- @ShadowLandsPhot
"big shout out to @FinaoAlbums. You guys ROCK! Thanks for helping out in a time of need. #actofkindness"
- @theresabrawn
"Love my Finao One albums!"
- Julie Ann Neill
"My clients love their Finao albums!"
- Jessica McDougall
"I just received my first Finao playbook and I am excited to say that I have found my album company! I was not going to order because of the price of posting to Australia but the cost of the album and postage combined was cheaper than consumer end albums here let alone the pro ones! I am looking forward to printing my first One Album with you for my clients and my samples. I am very impressed with the Finao Police as my playbook cover was incorrect, twice, their customer service seemed genuine and caring about the final product."
- Jaylene Claire Stevenson
"Once again Finao BLEW MY MIND. I placed an order for a client (a gorgeous 8x12 Playbook) and decided to finally order my sample portfolio box for my studio. I was almost knocked off my feet! I cannot wait to show my clients these gorgeous options to showcase their portraits. Finao is, by far, my favorite vendor. Impeccable customer service and high quality products that always make an impact on my clients."
- April Bowers Photography