"I'm blown away by the nextONE style! You guys really outdid yourselves on this one. It is literally exactly what I've been looking for for 5+ years. I just wanted to say thank you, both for the album and for all the great work you guys do! You're truly the best around!"
- Tony Hoffer: Hoffer Photography
"We LOVE our PLayBOOK!!"
- Jason Pelszynski
"You.Guys.Are.Incredible. I just received my first Finao album, and I'm completely blown away! Not only did the album itself far far far exceed my highest expectation, but the packaging too, is amazing. If I wasn't married already, I'd totally marry you, Finao! Thank you for pulling through for me, and making me look so good! I will never order an album from anyone else, and that's a promise! Love always and forever, Frayda"
- FeeBee Photography
"I got all 3 of my albums today. Mind Blowing. Absolutely Epic."
- Nate Creamer
"Love my Finao One albums!"
- Julie Ann Neill
"Finao ROCKS!, I got my first studio sample 12x12 One only a month ago, and already it has been the deal closer for 2 wedding consultations! The bride to be just simply cannot put the album down and choose a package that doesn't come with it. Thank you Finao, I look forward to a long and happy relationship together!"
- Cy Sawyer: Sawyer Photography
"I don't know why I waited so long, Finao is FABULOUS. I'm so impressed by their prompt customer service and people who sound like people, not just someone behind a machine. In love with the service so far! I can't wait to receive my first order. Thank you, Finao!"
- Dolce Photography
"OMG LYNSEY. I am completely beside myself with this book! The Finao quality is 1,000 times better than I was hoping for! BEYOND excited to share this book with my client...She is going to die! (& so is her husband). Thank you for such amazing service & top notch communication. I couldn't be happier. Finao just made my day :)"
- Jenelle Brooklyn Photo