"Received my first album yesterday - it looks awesome! Thank you SO much for all your help with my first studio sample!!!"
- Lauren DiCicco
"I just discovered you guys and I think I might be in love! I can't wait to get one of these beauties!"
- Photography by Megan Rieff
"It's extremely nice, and very rare to have a company take on a personal touch in customer service. You guys have nailed it, and seem to have very genuine and enthusiastic people working there, who truly understand customer service; it’s been a great experience."
- Valerie Ingold
"Who's better than you? Seriously. :)"
- Zofia Crosby
"In love with my new sample!!!"
- Scott Villalobos
"Holy COW is this for REAL?! I ordered a ONE album and playBOOK last week and they just shipped today?! I expected the ONE to take three times as long! You guys seriously rock. LOVE Finao!"
- Odd Couple Photography
"We just got our first sample album, a little 5.5x7 playbook in Glitter Ken. It's GORGEOUS!!!!!!! We love it! The quality is SO MUCH BETTER than the press printed books we've done before. We're SOLD. Also, shout out to the image police who looked over my files since it was our first time, and who were so sweet and helpful throughout the entire process. THANK YOU for your fantastic customer service! We already have orders in for more books for last year's couples, and I can't wait to show these books to this year's! I think they will be as excited as we ar"
- Smitten Chickens
"Delivered this album to Meghan & Russ yesterday. Thanks @FinaoAlbums for your great product. http://tinyurl.com/89v6b2h #fb"
- @joejphoto
"You guys are awesome-thank you so much! Just received another album from you today and delivered it to my client--she was thrilled. Thank you for your beautiful products and amazing customer service :)"
- Elizabeth Ann Photography